Once upon a time there was a handsome young man.This man happened to be the king.The king has known for how curious he was. One day the young king went out for a walk. Then out of nowhere, there was a beautiful lady, standing before the king.The first thing the man asked was if the king could have her hand in marriage. The lady laughed in the king’s face. The lady said that she could never marry the king. The man asked the lady why she would not marry him. The lady answered: I will not marry you, because I do not want to marry. I do not want to marry someone who is not a wizard. That means that you are a witch replied the king. Yes indeed and I am proud of ruling the witches replied the witch. And with that the witch was gone. From that day on the king did not remember that he had ever met the witch. 80years later,the king was on his dying day and then the witch appeared. She said if only you had not been so curious you could have lived longer. But if I was not so curious I would never have been made king answered the king. That is your problem not mine and with that the King died and the witch was gone. The end ,read what I have to say on the grand gravestone below.

If only the king had been a bit better at knowing when it was time to stop asking questions the king might still be alive today. The witch could do magic so I am sure that the witch could have made the king immortal.

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