Dead love chapter 1

My note to all the readers: you may think that when you are dead you can not love but the two people I am about to tell you about had the strongest love I know.

It was dark and damp in the grave of the boy’s. The boy reached out his hand to freezing cold air. But yet being dead ment that he was so immune to the cold he did not mind it at all.In fact, he could not even feel the cold. Then as the boy sat up from his grave, he remembered he was supposed to be seeing his mother. As it was his death day he did deserve to see his mother for the first time in 10years.

A year ago…The neighbours called Jason Saide the weid boy. Since his mother died 9years ago Jason had never been the same since. He never came to school he did not stand up for himself, but through everything he now had a weid habit of being in the library 24\7. he did not seem the same he used to be big headed, and now well now he never talked to anybody and if he did it would never be about himself.

[ Back to the present] Jason knew he was ready but at the same time he was as far away from ready as he could be. A ghost walked up to Jason. The ghost lady looked about 30years old, but she had a look in her eyes that made her look 40. The lady had a floral dress on, flawless skin, faded red lips, and hair that was so wispy that if you looked at her from an angle you would think she had no hair at all. Mother the boy exclaimed. The lady nodded with a sad smile. You look just like your father I was never much of a looker myself. Jason‘s mother laughed it was the saddest and happiest thing he had ever herd. Jason asked mother where do you go to without me, you are never in the graveyard or sleeping in you tombstone? Everything will be explain to you on you 5th death day. And with that Jason‘s mother was gone.

Only a year ago had Jason dead. Jason had dead,so that he could finally be reunited with his mother. The only intro to the graveyard was from an old man with a boiler hat and skin as black as coal. Till Jason came to the graveyard he had always believed that in the ghost world everybody just had ghostly pale skin. Or was it just that this man had priority’s? The mans welcome has very straightforward. You are here because you have dead and I am not even going to pretend that the afterlife is fun, because it is not. You are not aloud out of the graveyard, for I am the only one allowed outside the graveyard. On your 5th death day you will be given to key to leave this graveyard. Jason spent the next 5 weeks examining ever single tombstone. But out of all the tombstone, the one that Jason was confused about. Was a grave at the very edge of the graveyard. The tombstone read: 2018 Liviana Bove dead….at age of died at the age of 16 years old. The reason why this grave intrigued him was that for ever other tombstone in the graveyard it said the cause of the deaths of the inhabitants. And anyway if Liviana was only on her 3ed death day shouldn’t she still be in the graveyard. Even now he asked himself the exact same question ever day.

[three years ago…] Liviana slammed the door shut, as she started crying. The girls had been making fun of her yet again. The girls always mad fun of her clothes,hair and makeup. They said in makeup she looked like a clown. The only reason they made fun of her was that she was the teachers pet. And once Liviana had told on a girl. Since that day she had no friends. As Liviana cried she silently wished that the girls would stop talking about her and what she wore. And as she wished this she felt like her head was being dumped through icy cold water. She tried to scream but nobody else could hear her not even herself.

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